Druma Planter


Introducing our Druma Planter- a truly impressive sustantial size planter,meticulously designed to accommodate large giant-sized plants.This exquisite planter showcases a unique fusion of materials,with a concrete bottom body and an outdoor-safe wooden top,striking the perfect balance between strength and elegance.This carefully selected wood is specifically chosen for its ability to withstand various weather conditions,ensuring the planter remains pristine and visually appealing throughout the seasons.The wooden top brings warmth and organic charm to the planter,creating a captivating juxaposition with the industrial strength of the concrete base.Beyond its practicality,this planter also serves as a stunning centerpiece for any outdoor landscape or indoor space.

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  • Completely hand crafted
  • High end raw materials used
  • Strong & highly durable
  • Dust, heat and frost proof
  • No dampness on the surface
  • Easy to clean (use a soft, damp cloth)
  • Recommended for indoors or semi-shaded areas
  • Eco-friendly
  • In case, the product comes damaged, it will be replaced from our end.

Dimensions 39 × 27.6 × 28.9 in


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