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Welcome to Conkreate, where creativity meets concrete. As India’s pioneering brand in concrete planters, we craft each piece by hand, infusing it with a unique narrative of its own. Our concrete planters are more than just vessels for greenery – they’re expressions of artistry and passion.

At Conkreate, we pride ourselves on offering a range of finishes that cater to diverse interior styles. For over 7 years, we’ve collaborated with architects, landscape designers, and interior experts, contributing our concrete expertise to transform spaces into captivating works of design.

Beyond planters, our craftsmanship extends to concrete furniture, lamps, and bespoke projects, redefining the boundaries of functional artistry. Conkreate thrives as the brainchild of Ashrey Dhawan and Aanchal Walia, whose distinct backgrounds in finance and marketing converged to birth this visionary brand in 2017.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to blend the solidity of concrete with the fluidity of imagination. Join us on a journey where ordinary materials transform into extraordinary experiences, one piece at a time. Discover the tactile elegance of Conkreate – where concrete comes alive with soulful stories and impeccable design.

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